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Ash Morgan is a Perth based artist with interests lying primarily in painting, drawing and digital art. Their practice closely follows the act of dancing, using confident marks and striking colours to depict energy in the body and movement through space.



One Person Can Fill a Room

Movement and Space go hand in hand, and when referring to a person dancing alone, the space encompassing them becomes their company. This space acts as a recorder of movement, remembering where they have been, transforming and filling the room with their body.

This year everyone has experienced isolation. Throughout those times of solitude many of us would have engaged in dance or watched others do so through a screen. Whether it be to pass time, lift the spirits, or get some movement into our days – dancing has allowed us to get in touch with ourselves in times where it hasn’t been possible to do so with others.

The use of distorted colour works with layered sounds, figures and video to depict energy in the body, its movement through space, and the internal experience of being engrossed in a sweaty solo dance. Where time slips away and the present is prioritised.

One Person Can Fill a Room.



Education / Exhibitions

February 2018 - June 2021

Bachelor of Fine Art - Curtin University - Perth WA

April 2019

Quokka Collective - Atrium Exhibition Space - Curtin University - Perth WA

October 2020

What Grows on Trees - Paper Mountain - Perth WA

October 2020

Third Year Painting Exhibition - Tangent Gallery - Curtin University - Perth WA

November 2020

What Lives in Trees - The Bird - Perth WA

December 2020

Curtin Grad Show - Curtin University - Perth WA

March 2021

Musing Worlds - INTOO Studios - Northbridge, Perth, WA


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Perth WA, Australia.  

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